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Julie Bennett


Her bold, unapologetically confident portraits, appropriate pop culture icons from the music industry and the art world, creating contemporary homages to the likes of David Bowie, Elvis, Frida Kahlo, Boy George, Patti Smith, and Her Majesty The Queen.

Bennett's dripping wet, vibrant, colourful, broad-brush marks give the appearance of canvases being fresh out of the studio. Working mostly in oil, led by the paint, she tries to capture the emotional charge of the individual, creating an iconic work of art.

Bennett studied painting at Camberwell College of Arts, where she crafted and explored the use of mark-making to convey her fascination with the human face and the immediacy of her paint handling.

Bennett is driven by her lifelong obsession with music and art, spending her teenage years working at a record shop and after graduation, working as a graphic designer at some of the top UK music and celebrity magazines, She is a genuine fan of many of the celebrities she paints.

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