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Sophie Knight-Crow

Sophie Knight-Crow Studied Fine Art and graduated from Croydon School of Art. She is currently a Committee Member of Banstead Art Group and works at Pullingers Art Shop in Epsom.       


Her artistic practice is heavily based on experimentation with different materials rather than of a set subject matter. She is currently working on a series of liquid art panels using Pébéo mixed media products.       


“Having been quite controlling with my art work and I have found these paints allow me to experiment freely. It is a fascinating process, as the outcome cannot always be predicted, as the paint takes on a life of its own and creates truly unique designs.”       


Sophie also takes part in daily drawing and painting challenges, which has led to an interest in miniature painting.  From one extreme to the other, she has also been working as a Scenic Artist; creating posters for theatre shows, projected backdrops, and 3D set pieces.


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