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Hilary Pidcock

Hilary is a printmaker based in Epsom.

She studied art and design in Leicester and later in Epsom.
As a designer she created window displays and shop interiors for prestigious fashion and jewellery companies but with the arrival of the pandemic she decided to concentrate on a longstanding love of printmaking which is now her main focus.

She creates strong, graphic, thought-provoking images. 

Hilary's artworks start with observation and drawing. She then starts editing and stylising her drawings into an image which can be cut and printed as a relief print.

Her relief printing process involves carefully cutting (carving) into a piece of lino, leaving only the areas that she wants to print, this is then inked and hand printed onto paper.
It seems like a process of simplification, but in fact it is about trying to find the lines and forms and elements that most succinctly describe the subject.
The resulting works retain a hand made uniqueness which are warm, charming and friendly.


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