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Shalini Bharadwaj

Painter, Graphic Designer, Jewellery Designer Shalini’s background is in Graphic Design and Fine Art. Shalini describes herself as a ‘Creative Experimentalist.’

She says, ‘For me creativity is a journey of experimentation and exploration. The process is as important as the end result. Whether it’s painting, digital design or jewellery making, I rarely start with a preconceived idea. I like to see where the material and momentum take me.'


Shalini is an accomplished acrylic and watercolour artist and regularly exhibits her work at London galleries and art fairs.


Talking about her artwork Shalini says, “As a contemporary artist, I enjoy still life, abstract, figurative, landscape work and stylised portraiture. I use a mix of acrylic paint, liquid charcoal, graphite pencil and high pigment inks to create textural and visual layering in my paintings.”

Shalini is passionate about design and has a love for all things handmade, jewellery being one of them. Shalini has created her own jewellery brand called HUTKE- a collection of statement gemstone jewellery. Each piece is original and handmade to order in limited edition. Shalini enjoys creating bespoke statement pieces and describes her jewellery as 'Wearable Art’.

A lot of Shalini’s work is inspired by childhood nostalgia. Having spent her childhood in India she explores memories of travel, people, places and objects in her work.



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