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Katherine Mann

Toobs Art began in lockdown when Katharine Mann took the bold decision to quit a 10 year recruitment business in exchange for picking up her paintbrushes to embark on a journey to become a professional artist. The name ‘Toobs ‘ was Katharine’s nickname from school ( derived from Tooby - her family name )

Inspired from a young age by her Dad’s ability to draw, Katharine developed a love of drawing and painting animals in particular.

Katharine studied Art at GCSE but was encouraged to follow a more conventional academic route, therefore her art was very much left as a hobby. Katharine returned to the easel 30+ years later and hasn’t looked back since! She is a self taught artist with a hunger to explore her talent that has laid dormant for so long.

Katharine enjoyed a progressive career in commercial event sales and management; and after having two beautiful children, set herself up as a self -employed recruitment consultant for the commercial events industry.



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