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Stephanie Wilkinson

Thank you for looking at my work which is inspired by many years in the tropics. I love to work with bright colours in a semi-abstract way and specialise in creating large acrylic paintings on canvas which can create a wonderful statement piece in a room.


A new series of portable beautiful glass panels has also begun, and these can be propped on a windowsill or suspended form wires or hooks. The light coming through the coloured glass changes throughout the day, making it a wonderfully dynamic piece of art. Each panel takes approximately 4 weeks as each piece of glass is hand cut and smoothed, applied to a bespoke sized Perspex base, then grouted. Once dry it receives a good clean and polish. Commissions are very welcome

Delivery – due to the fragile nature of glass, I will undertake personal delivery of the window panels, free of charge to ensure safe passage. I can also deliver my large canvases.
Regarding refunds, I am not able to accept these, sorry, but will accept an exchange with another piece in my collection. If you would like to try a large piece at home first, without obligation, please ask and I will happily deliver locally.

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